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Effect of the fines on the stability of unsaturated soil slopes
Author : Lee, Kyuhyun
Publication Date : December 2006
Key Word : soil-water characteristic curve, GCTS pressure plates, fines, infiltration analysis, unsa
Shear load-transfer characteristics of rock-socketed drilled shafts by Constant Normal Stiffness tests
Author : Woo, Sangyoon
Publication Date : December 2007
Key Word : rock-socked drilled shafts, constant normal stiffness tests, bore hole roughness, hoek-br
Analysis of Pile-Bent(CIDH Shaft/Column) structure subjected to lateral loading
Author : Kwak, Dongok
Publication Date : December 2005
Key Word : Pile-Bent structure, lateral deflection, inelastic analysis, P-△effect
Chracteristics of Accelerated Flowable Backfill Materials Using Surplus Soil for Underground Power Utilities
Author : Cheon, Seonho
Publication Date : December 2005
Key Word : mixture content, flowable backfill, controlled low-strength material(CLSM), soil-cement s
Shear Load-Transfer characteristics of rock-socketed drilled shaft considering the socketed-roughness
Author : Jung, Woohyun
Publication Date : July 2005
Key Word : Rock-Socked Drilled Pile, CNS TEST, Normal Stiffness, Roughness, Side Load-Settlement
Behavior of Drilled Shaft Installed in the Inclined Ground
Author : Kang, Taesik
Publication Date : December 2004
Key Word : p-y Method, p-y Curve, Drilled Shaft, Rock, Inclined Ground, Rock mass, Modulus of Subgra
Characteristics of unsaturated weathered soils with varying clay contents
Author : You, Namdong
Publication Date : December 2003
Key Word : Degree of saturation, Soil-water characteristic curve, Wetting band depth, Wetting front
Coupeld Effect of Reinforced Slope Systems using Shear Strength Reduction Technique
Author : Lee, Sunkeun
Publication Date : December 2011
Key Word : Coupled/Uncoupled analysis, Factor of safety, LEM, Reinforced slope, SSRM, 3D analysis
Reinforcing Effects of Soil Nailed-Drilled Shafts by Small-Scale Model Tests
Author : Yun, Kyoungsik
Publication Date : June 2003
Key Word : Soil nailed-Drilled shfts, Settlement, Soil nails, Model tests, Reinforcing effect
Analysis of sand compaction piles under flexible surcharge loadings
Author : Hong, Euijoon
Publication Date : December 2002
Key Word : Soft ground, Sand compaction piles(SCP), Stress concentration ratio, Area replacement rat
Load Transfer Analysis of Drilled Shafts Reinforced by Soil Nails
Author : Ham, Hongkyoo
Publication Date : December 2002
Key Word : Load transfer method, Load transfer curve, Drilled Shaft Rock, Soil Spring, Non-Linearity
Analysis of Tieback wall using load transfer functions
Author : Park, Hyun-woong
Publication Date : June 2002
Key Word : Tieback wall, beam column analysis , beam column analysis , interaction , soil spring , s
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