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No.60 Kim, Dohyun
Email : dohyun0403@nate.com
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Proposed Shaft Resistance of Prebored and Precast Piles using Field Loading Tests
No.59 Lee, Kwangwoo
Email : geokwoo@hotmail.com
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Evaluation of Debris flow - Induced Impact Force on Check Dam Considering Entrainment of
the Soil Layer
NO.58 Song, Sumin
Email: ssm9780@gmail.com
Degree : M.S.
Thesis : Analysis of Bearing Capacity on Large Diameter Driven Steel Piles with Soil Plugging
No.57 Park, Hyundo
Email : park-0809@hotmail.com
Degree : M.S.
Thesis : Rainfall induced load-settlement behavior of shallow foundations on unsaturated soil
No.56 Nam, Jinhyun
Email : ssamsaco@nate.com
Degree : M.S.
Thesis : Horizontal load-Deflection Analysis of Offshore Inclined Piles
No.55 Lee, Seungyeon
Email : theeffort@naver.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : A Study on the Excavation Damage Zone(EDZ)
under TBM Excavation
No.54 Sim, Jaeuk
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Analysis of Self-Supported Earth Retaining Wall
with Stabilizing Piles
No.53 Lee, Jaehwan
Email : sok0406@naver.com
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Load-Settlement Analysis for Rock-Supported Mat Foundation
considering Proposed Subgrade Reaction Modulus
No.52 Ko, Junyoung
Email : jyko1225@naver.com
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Evaluation of Bearing Capacity for Open-Ended
Piles with Soil Plugging
No.51 Kim, Yongming
Email : kimkimym@gmail.com
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Analytical Methods for Rainfall-Induced landslide Considering Hydraulic-
Mechanical Coupling Strain Softening
No.50 Kim, Junghwan
Email : hwanee2@gmail.com
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : GIS-based Susceptibility Assessment of Landslides using Geotechnical and Hydrological Model
No.49 Jeon, Sekuk
Email : junsekuk@hanmail.net
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Nondestructive testing of underground concrete structures using pile integrity test
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