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No.41 Paek, Jinyeol
E-mail : woowa4u@hotmail.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Analysis of Tunnel Loads by Considering Different Soil Conditions
No.40 Song, Jinyoung
E-mail : corps1st@live.co.kr
Degree : M.S
Thesis : A Study on the Influence Factors of PHC Energy Piles based on Thermal and Structural Charac
No.39 Yun, Yeohyeok
E-mail : prozzang007@hotmail.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Stability Analysis for Slopes reinforced with pressure grouted soil nails
No.38 Kim, Youngho
E-mail : evil1945@hotmail.com
Degree: Ph.D.
Thesis : Improved Lateral Load Transfer (p-y) Curves for Large Diameter Piles based on 3D Wedge Fail
No.37 Cho, Hooyeon
E-mail : huyoun@yonsei.ac.kr
Degree : Ph.D.
thesis : Point bearing load-displacement behavior of rock-socketted drilled shafts in Korea
No.36 Ahn, Sangyong
E-mail : koen@unitel.co.kr / koen@dweng.co.kr
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Proposed of New Design Method of the Pile-Bent Structure Considering Plastic Hinge
No.35 Kim, Dohyun
E-mail : dobbang82@nate.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Heat Transfer Analysis of Energy Pile Considering Geothermal Energy
No.34 Kwon, Youngki
E-mail : cmon2yk@naver.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Evaluation of Allowable Bearing Capacity on the Pile Considering Negative Skin Friction
No.33 Seo, Joowon
E-mail : iamgon94@hanmail.net
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Estimation of In-situ Dynamic Modulus for Asphalt Pavement Analysis Considering Various Veh
No.32 Lee, Chaejin
E-mail : caralos@hanmail.net
Degree : M.S
Thesis : A Study on the Liquefaction Resistance of Anisotropic Sample under Real Earthquake Loading
No.31 Kim, Jaeyoung
E-mail : kjykjy222@yonsei.ac.kr
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Load-Settlement Characteristics of Concrete Top-Base Foundation on Soft Ground
No.30 Kim, Taehyung
E-mail : tvnimph@hotmail.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Evaluation of q-w curve of Rock-socketed Drilled Shafts by Hoek-cell Compression Tests
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