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No.29 In, Sungyoon
E-mail : joinsy@kornet.net
Degree : M.S
Thesis : A New Design Method of Reinforcement Ahead of a Tunnel Face by using Convergence-confinemen
No.28 Han, Keuntaek
E-mail : bonanza@poscoenc.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Load-Settlement Behavior of the Drilled Shafts subjected to Bi-Directional Loading
No.27 Lee, Daesoo
E-mail : dslee@kepri.re.kr
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Shear Behavior of Crushed Rocks Based on Large-Scale Direct Shear Tests
No.26 Seol, Hoonil
E-mail : geo_dr@yonsei.ac.kr
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Load transfer analysis of rock-socketed drilled shafts by considering coupled soil resist
No.25 Song, Sungwook
E-mail : coolguy980@hanmail.net
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Analysis of Single Column/Shaft by Horizontal Pile Load Test
No.24 Lee, Jinhyung
E-mail : icdij@chollian.net
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Nonlinear Three Dimensional Analysis of Settlement of Piled raft in Clay Soils
No.23 Suh, Jungju
E-mail : winaler@hotmail.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Centrifuge Modelling of piled bridge abutments adjacent to surcharge loads
No.22 Kim,Taesik
E-mail : solla123@hotmail.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Design Guidelines for p-y Curve of Laterally Loaded Pile by Small-Scale Model Tests
No.21 Lee, Joonkyu
E-mail : hereis2u@hanmail.net
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Pseudostatic Analysis of Single Column/Shafts Considering Nonlinear Soil Behavior
No.20 Seo, Donghee
E-mail : seogeo1@hotmail.com
Degree : Ph.D.
Thesis : Time-dependent behavior of pile groups on soft clay underlying approach embankments
No.19 Lee, Kyuhyun
E-mail : goo_nyunglee@hotmail.com
Degree : M.S
Thesis : Effect of the fines on the stability of unsaturated soil slopes
No.18 Woo, Sangyoon
E-mail : woosangyoon@hotmail.com
Dgree : M.S
Thesis : Shear load-transfer characteristics of rock-socketed drilled shafts by Constant Normal Stif
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